Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Springhill Retreat with my Quiltingfriends

I can't believe I haven't posted yet about my quilt retreat last weekend! It was loads of fun. I started a new project and finalized plans for the one that I had worked on at the last retreat. I promise to post pictures of both soon, but until then, I have pictures of the projects the other ladies worked on and completed.

We don't just quilt when we're at retreat. We knit too. Socks were the project this time. I loved seeing how they were turning out! I can't knit, but it's on my list of things I want to learn. This group of ladies is so talented!

L to R: Debbie C, Phyllis, Sandy, Paula

Krissy and Laurie

Donna B (seated), Micki, Paula

Jan T, Carol Mc, June

All this fun can be exhausting!

Black and bright Bull's Eye! I love it and of course, seeing it in this stage, makes me wish I had gone ahead and participated in the swap. The mistake was pointed out to Sandy and she fixed it.

Phyllis made these wonderful little purses. We all wanted them, but alas, they were destined for others. The pattern is called Paula's Purse, available at Quilt Country.

Hopefully, I'm remembering this one correctly. It's Debbie L's Hip to be Square, a Quilt Country pattern.

Diane's first Judy Niemeyer quilt! She's not quite finished, but she's sure making good progress. She likes it so much, she's signed up to take another class with her and make another of her quilts.

Micki made this one. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful in person. Very sophisticated. Eclipse available at Quilt Country.

Debbie C's friendship hearts swap quilt. Mine is still in "blocks" form.

A Blooming Nine Patch class sample, completed by Jan T.

Paula's sock.

Donna B's sock.

This beauty (and the one below) were both made by Carol Mc. The pattern is called Over and Under, I do believe. It's available at Quilt Country. I find this pattern very confusing to look at. Visually, it just doesn't look like it should fit together to me. I want to make one similar to this one. I have lots of batiks and love the look with the black.

Carol made this one as a wheel chair quilt to donate to a wounded soldier.

Another Judy Niemeyer quilt. This one made by Paula as a class sample for the Judy classes coming up at Quilt Country next week. I'd like to try to make this one first, even though I've already purchased the large 104 x 104 Amazon Star pattern. I'm a little intimidated by it. I had signed up for the class next week, but had to cancel. Money is just too tight right now to buy all of the fabric I needed for the project. I think I could make this one mostly in fat quarters, which is what I tend to buy.


Madelaine said...

All of these quilts are absolutely amazing! The talent and the hours that went into making these is phenomenal~

Sharon said...

I agree! They are an amazingly talented group of ladies.