Friday, October 8, 2010

Put Your Heart into Action

I'm appalled by the recent suicides of gay teens after they experienced merciless bullying.

But this really takes the cake. One of the top leaders in the Mormon Church has apparently chosen this moment to give a horribly anti-gay sermon in front of millions of Mormons, calling same-sex attraction 'impure and unnatural.'

Can you just imagine if you were a gay or lesbian teen in that audience? Or even questioning?

I just added my name to an open letter that will help young people understand the truth -- and help Mormon leaders understand that spreading these lies puts lives at risk. I hope you'll join me:

click here



julochka said...

a very good friend of mine was both gay and mormon. she had stop being mormon after she decided to acknowledge that she was gay. there was no room for her in that religion anymore, if she was herself. i find it deeply sad.

Sharon said...

I find this deeply sad too. In my humble opinion, no one should have to choose between being their true self and their religion.