Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Latest Postcards from Postcrossing Friends

I have now received a total of 17 postcards from postcrossing folks and friends!  I have also sent 17 postcards that have arrived at their destinations and I have 5 more that I've put in the mail in the last two days.  I recently bought a photo album to put the postcards in that I've gotten.  I've had to trim just a bit off of a few of them to make them fit.  One is what I'd call a plus-sized card (the Chihuly card) and I will put an envelope in the back of the photo album to hold it and any others like it that I get in the future.  Trimming it would make me lose too much of the card.  Here are my newest cards:

On this one is from Giesbeek, she suggests a song to me.  I haven't listened to it yet, but plan to look it up one day soon and do just that.  The song is "Time to Smile" by Xavier Rudd. 

This one is a train station in Belarus.  Beautiful!

There are several images, as you can see, on the card from Finland.  My sister and I went to Finland when we were teenagers.  I was young and stupid and couldn't stand to be away from my boyfriend.  I was 17 and since I missed him so, I came home after only one week.  My sister stayed the whole month and took a sauna while visiting Finnish friends of our father's.  I now wish I had appreciated the trip more when I was actually on it.  I married the boyfriend the next March.  We've been together almost 33 years now. 

This card from Florida shows some Dale Chihuly glass.  I love his work.  This is from the Black Cylinder group.

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Anyes said...

Nice collection you have there, Sharon! Placing them in your album is the smart way to go. I believe I once saw Postcards albums, but I can not remember if it was in North America or in France,I'll look into it and let you know :-)