Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Snowfall

I know that the snow in Texas is nothing to even talk about for those of you in the north east part of the country this year or any year for that matter. You folks in the north deal with far more snow during a normal winter than we have this year and this year you've had more than your fair share. All that said and done -- we got a butt load of snow yesterday! Officially at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport we got 12.5" in a 24 hour period that ended at 4 a.m. today, breaking the old record of 12.1" that fell on January 15 - 16, 1964.

When I was watching the 10 p.m. news last night, they were talking about a record set in the late 70's (I think it was '77 or '78) and that record was 7.8" and we had already broken it with 9.4" at that time. So, as you can see, for us, this was a lot of snow. And I think we enjoyed every flake of it! Even people like me who don't normally like this kind of thing.

Now, I should point out at this time that I don't live in Dallas. I was born there and I lived there until my marriage in March of '78. I now live 70 miles or so south east of Dallas in a small rural area. My hubby drives into downtown Dallas on a daily basis to work. We did not get nearly as much snow at home as they did in Dallas. I did not measure our snow at home in any way. Guessing from how it goes into my shoes when I take the dogs out, I think we got about a third, or maybe a little more, of what they got in Dallas.

These are photos I took this morning. I was already starting to melt. I'm going to miss it.

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