Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Little Reading

I hadn't done a lot of reading for the last few months. Until about two weeks ago that is. Maybe only about a week, actually.
I read Casting Off by Nicole R. Dickson first. I'm a fan of knitting and I'm wanting to learn to knit, but I haven't actually stopped long enough to do it yet. I really enjoyed the book. It made me want to learn to knit even more than I already do and it made me want to want to go to Scotland even more than I already do. As much as I enjoyed this book, I liked the second one even more.
The Laws of Harmony by Judith Ryan Hendricks is the fourth book I've read by this author. I've enjoyed all of her book. Bread Alone was the first I'd read by her and I loved it. It's one of those that stayed with me for a long time after I finished it. The Laws of Harmony is like that also. I did not want this book to end. I'm still thinking about the characters and wondering what they're doing now. The character Sunny and I had a thing or two in common. I wish this book had been at least twice as long as it is. I want more!
Now, what am I going to read?

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pam q said...

Oh boy!

These look like another two I will have to be on the look out for!

Keep those good recommendations coming, Sharon!

I'll be doing another "Recent Reads" post real soon......

I want to go to the UK also!!!

But if I go, I think I will stay. Raise sheep. Spin yarn. Knit.

You in???